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Do you think your spouse is cheating?

Our agency often gets calls from individuals who suspect their spouse is cheating on them or is having an affair. Because these types of cases are so sensitive, they deserve special attention. Because this involves the entire family, including children, everything it at risk – Property,  jobs, marriage, and more. […]


We do Surveillance Videos!

We love surveillance videos and new toys! And just last year we started to use a camera that allows us to capture video (or pictures) from a great distance. This type of equipment is much the same as used by police departments around the country. With this device, our team […]

NSA – A look back in time.

It seems that just about everyday we hear about “the NSA”. It’s in the NEWS, on TV, everywhere! But few people actually know much about it, or what it does… Even the name is confusing to some people. I have heard people say it was a water filter company. Or […]

Who’s dumping waste?

This was an interesting case that we were happy to take on. It was suspected that a septic tank company was dumping their waste trucks in illegal locations at the end of the day, so Alpha Agency investigators were hired to follow them and obtain video of their activities. Because […]

When police can’t help.

Private investigators are often called on when the police can’t help or more research needs to be done, and they’re no stranger to frantic phone calls from individuals who are being stalked, harassed, and frightened by unknown individuals. One of the founders of Bosco Legal Services recently had a scare […]

What is Social Discovery?

For investigative purposes the term social discovery is defined as the process of discovering information about people, places or things from other people via social networking. It’s a collaborative process that takes advantage of current social technologies.  Today social discovery is mainly conducted via social networking and social data technologies. […]