How To Hire An Investigator

For most people, hiring a Private Investigator is something that they have never done before. In fact, most people really have no idea what we really can do. All they know is what they see on television and movies or read in novels. They make it all sound much more glamorous than it really is, but it is interesting work.

Here are some tips and ideas to know before you hire an investigator…

Shop around.

Not all Private Investigators are the same. Ask about experience. Ask about other cases that they have worked that are like yours.

Don’t always take the advice of your attorney if they recommend an investigator. It’s your choice.

Some law firms have a favorite PI that they send their clients to. You don’t have to use them. Shop around and speak to several, and pick the one you feel is the best to help your case.

Make sure you feel comfortable with your investigator.

Seriously, this is important in many ways. It’s like picking a doctor. A lot to times, you will be interacting with your investigator to discuss very personal details, or meeting with them at odd hours. You will be asked to provide lost of information, so it is matters a great deal.

Verify their license.

Never hire an investigator that is not licensed. In Florida, every Private Investigator involves TWO licenses. First, there is an Agency license. Second, there is an investigator license that each investigator must have. Ask to see these documents and be sure they are not expired. Report any un-licensed activity to the State.

Ask for an estimate of the costs.

You have a right to know what you will be paying for. Make sure that this is understood and you you know all the terms involved. Like attorneys, most investigators will work on a retainer system. Unused portions of the retainer should be refunded to you. For other services, a flat fee will be required.

After you hire them, be sure to listen to what they say to you and let them do their job. They work with you and you may become part of the team. Keep in touch with them and let them know if anything changes or happens that could affect the investigation. Hopefully, your experience will be painless and benefit your case.

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