We love surveillance videos and new toys! And just last year we started to use a camera that allows us to capture video (or pictures) from a great distance. This type of equipment is much the same as used by police departments around the country. With this device, our team can get close up, clear, steady video and images. This is exactly what you need to help win your case.



Having equipment like this gives us the upper hand to get the best quality evidence for our clients. Just another reason you want to use Alpha Investigative Group for your investigations.



It seems that just about everyday we hear about “the NSA”. It’s in the NEWS, on TV, everywhere!

But few people actually know much about it, or what it does…

Even the name is confusing to some people. I have heard people say it was a water filter company. Or that it was a part of the CIA. Back in the 70’s and 80’s people who “knew” about the NSA used to refer to it as “NSA – No Such Agency”.

In short, what the NSA really does is act as a collection point for sorting out all kinds of information and intelligence. They has hundreds of annalists sort through tons of information and make up reports. These reports are used to make decisions concerning National Security.

I used to work at a government facility in the 1970’s and 80’s that collected Signals Intelligence, or SIGINIT, and passed it along to NSA. This facility was located in southern Germany, just outside of Augsburg.


From the outside, it looked very much like a factory except for the very large “round thing” behind it commonly called the elephant cage by those who worked there.  In fact, it was a very complex set on antennas that could be tuned in at just about any frequency, and any direction 360 degrees.

There were several of these facilities located around the world and they were all connected in different ways to support the men and women who works around the clock listening in on all sorts of radio signals.

This one place alone, provided NSA with thousands of pages of data every hour. Today, it’s all different. The internet is the big target of NSA. And rightfully so as so much information is passed over it. And next to that is Cellular Services. All this presents a big challenge for NSA to stay on top of it all to keep us safe and sound.

Often I hear people say that they don’t want NSA listening in on their phone calls or reading their emails. That makes me laugh. If they only knew what is really going on inside the NSA, they would freak out. As someone who listened in on thousands of transmissions, I can honestly say that the NSA could care less about what you say to grandmother or what your TXT to your sweetheart. The NSA is watching key targets and developing targets that really do matter to National Security. And you should be glad they do what they do, because it’s what keeps you safe at night.

This was an interesting case that we were happy to take on. It was suspected that a septic tank company was dumping their waste trucks in illegal locations at the end of the day, so Alpha Agency investigators were hired to follow them and obtain video of their activities. Because we did not have any clue of where they would be going, we used the help of a GPS unit to track their movement. Doing this saved hundreds of dollars in surveillance costs for our client.


Towards the end of the day, we would be able to close in on the vehicle by looking at the live GPS tracking on one of our vehicle mounted computers. Our investigator could quickly move in close enough to be able to get photographic evidence of them emptying the truck.

Proper disposal is well regulated by the county and state to prevent pollution. The last thing anyone wants is waste being dumped where it could run into streams and lakes.

Our investigation lasted nearly three weeks and sure enough, one day we saw the vehicle pull into an old road that led out into a wooded area about a mile past a vacant mobile home and dump hundreds of gallons of raw sewage into a small pond.

Our investigator obtained video and photographs identifying the driver and the vehicle complete with tag number. This information was quickly turned over to the State and County for prosecution. The result was a hefty fine and an order to clean up the dumping sites. A few months later the company went out of business and the owner moved away from Florida.

Our client had just a bad feeling that this was going on and decided to hire us to prove if it were true. What we decided to do was work the case to help him and we only charged him a fraction of the normal cost because we thought it was a nice gesture on his part and we wanted to help out.

Private investigators are often called on when the police can’t help or more research needs to be done, and they’re no stranger to frantic phone calls from individuals who are being stalked, harassed, and frightened by unknown individuals. One of the founders of Bosco Legal Services recently had a scare that hit close to home, when a threatening phone call disrupted his family. This gave the company first hand insight into exactly how valuable a private investigator’s services are for safety and piece of mind.

It was just an average morning. Jeremiah Jones’ (one of the co-founders of Bosco Legal Services) wife was driving the couple’s oldest daughter to school when they received a disturbing phone call. The man on the other line called her by name and told her he was going to come into her bedroom, then into their eldest daughter’s room, and then into their middle daughter’s room, referencing each of them by name.

Jones’ wife immediately hung up the phone and tried to call her husband, who wasn’t available. She turned around and drove home to make sure everything and everyone was okay, and arrived distraught and frazzled, understandably so. The police were called, took down notes, and tried calling the number, but that was all they could do.

“The man on the other line called her by name and told her he was going to come into her bedroom, then into their eldest daughter’s room, and then into their middle daughter’s room, referencing each of them by name.”

“When he left, we didn’t have any warm and fuzzy feelings that the sheriff’s department was going to do anything else for us,” Jones wrote in a blog post about the experience. “It dawned on me at that point, that if like most people I had to wait for the police to investigate what happened, I may never have closure. Although this was a very real and scary situation for my family, with the limited resources that the police have and since no one was physically hurt, this was not high on their priority list.” Jones said that his children were terrified, frightened of being in the house but too scared to leave. Jones says that this gave him a new perspective of what many of his clients are experiencing, and decided to use the resources he had to move forward with the case.

“Fortunately, by nature of my profession, I was able to get a hold of the head of our investigations department, who also happens to be my very protective brother, and I had him start the process of figuring out who had called and threatened my family,” Jones wrote. The initial searches revealed a phone number that belonged to an individual they had never heard of, and most of the information was several months old, as it often is. Jones wasn’t certain the information was accurate.

So, Jones’ brother went a different route, reaching out to a source that had access to real time phone information. That source was able to reveal not only that this phone number had been activated only two days earlier, but also the name and address of the registered owner.

Surprisingly, Jones recognized the name. The phone number was registered to someone who the family knew well. While this would generally seem alarming, fortunately it turned out to be a prank gone too far. “It turns out the call came from a teenager that had simply gotten carried away with a prank phone call and it was nothing too serious,” Jones said. “The perpetrator was dealt with in an appropriate manner, but thankfully nobody was ever in any real danger.”

But what if Jones wasn’t a private investigator? What if his only option had been to rely on the police, and deal with an ongoing sense of danger? How far would the prank have gone? Would there have been more phone calls?

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In using his resources as a private investigator, they had the case solved and resolved withing 90 minutes of the original call, giving the family peace of mind.

“If we had not used a private investigator to help us figure out who it was however, my family would have been in fear for days, weeks, or maybe even months,” Jones said. “As I have reflected on this event over and over in my mind, it gave me a new appreciation for what it is that we do for our clients on a daily basis and the effort that ours investigators make. When your family is in the middle of a difficult situation like this, you simply can’t put a price tag on having peace of mind and resolution.”

We couldn’t agree more. If you or someone you know is caught in a situation like this, always report it to law enforcement, then give our agency a call. We will most likely be able to help you.

For investigative purposes the term social discovery is defined as the process of discovering information about people, places or things from other people via social networking.

It’s a collaborative process that takes advantage of current social technologies.  Today social discovery is mainly conducted via social networking and social data technologies. Through these social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Yelp, social discovery is possible!


Innovation with this relatively new technology began in the late 1990’s – just a handful of years after the Internet was first being available to the masses. While it took 10+ years for the social discovery sites to mature, they are still at the infancy stages. Social discovery has changed the landscape of many investigations and how we discover information.

Alpha Agency is in the front lines when it comes to using new technology to assist in our professional investigations. As part of our Internet Profiling searches, it can help in may ways. Such as in locating where someone is. This new data will allow us to focus on a smaller search area and physically confirm their whereabouts.  We often use this method to locate people when other more common search methods fail. Contact the Alpha Agency for more information.

Several times a year, Private Investigators get to go back to school and keep up with their education.

This weekend was my turn as I attended the 2016 Florida Association on Licensed Investigators (FALI) Conference held in Tampa. One of the courses was an eight hours devoted on how to conduct interviews.

Alpha Agency back in school.

Learning about Forensic Interview techniques.

This is a common need for legal support work. We learned all about the proper way to do this, and how to get as much out of the interview as possible. Also, we were taught that if the interviewer does not do a good job, it could really hurt the case when it gets to court. So, knowing all about the interview process is a very important skill to have tucked away in your tool box.

There is a lot more to doing this than what you would think, and it is such an important part of what we do. It was a very long time to sit on such hard seats in a cold room, but when it was all done, I would say that it was well worth it all. This instruction will last a long time and I am sure I will be reviewing the textbook over and over again.