ZOOM Meeting

In 2019, our office began using Zoom teleconferencing software in our offices to keep in touch with staff and clients. This program has proved remarkable and has saved us a lot of time, both in and out of the office.

SECURITY seems to be in the NEWS a lot today about how “Zoom can be hacked”.  We have been concerned about that even before the NEWS started talking about it. As a licensed investigative firm, we ALWAYS take care in how we handle and safeguard sensitive information.

When we first began using Zoom, we set it up and tested it like most people do. Once you download it you can just “join” a meeting and you are in. Also, anyone else could join in also. The front door to your meeting was open! But, as a Zoom moderator, you DO have control over who enters your meeting space. You can require log ins, set up passwords and so much more. Most casual users don’t feel a need to do this or have never looked into how to lock Zoom down.

Zoom has just released an updated version (04/2020) that moves a lot of the security features up to the main meeting page where the moderator can easily see it and make changes on the fly. This is very helpful.

Here are a few of the ways Zoom can be secured by the moderator of a meeting…

  • Set up your account so it requires participates to pre-register  for the meeting.
  • Assign a password to each meeting.
  • Create a meeting that uses a unique meeting room ID, and not a personal room that uses the same ID each time.
  • Set up a waiting room that all participants connect to when the enter. You, as moderator will have to allow each one to enter the meeting.
  • Restrict participants from being able to chat with each other.
  • Restrict participants from being able to share their video, and send files to others.
  • Once the meeting starts, lock it so no one else can enter.

Also, as moderator, you always have the ability to kick someone out of the meeting.

There are more methods that can be used to help you set up a safe and secure meeting for everyone. Zoom offers free online classes and there are a ton of videos on YouTube as well. Do your homework and learn how to benefit the best way that fits your needs.

Think of Zoom like its your house. If you throw a big party and tons of people come in, and others show up that you have never met… things could get out of hand. Remember the old college day parties? That’s like Zoom with no security.

The security has been always there, but YOU have to decide to use it.

Our Investigative agency uses Zoom almost everyday and we have “Virtual Conferences” with clients and law firms to discuss cases. We would never use a platform that is not safe and secure. Each meeting may require more or less security and is set up accordingly. As moderator, the choice has always been there to do so.

Happy Zooming!