All Private Investigators in Florida MUST be licensed!

Florida requires that an investigator hold a valid C License. In addition to that, ALL investigators must work for an agency who has a valid A License.  Please be aware of this before you contract with anyone who represents themselves as a PI.

Ask to see their A License number and their C License number.  (ie: A2900318 is our Agency License.) You will always hire the Agency. Never make payment to the investigator themselves. After you retain the agency, they will assign an investigator to work your case. That person needs to have a valid C license. They are required by law to carry it at all times while working. Ask to see that as well.

Verify a License

If you suspect that an investigator is NOT legal, please report them to the licensing division. You can follow the links below to quickly verify the status of a license and file a report if needed.

Contact us if you ever question an investigator in Florida and we will help verify that they are real.

Click here to verify a Private Investigator Agency

Click here to verify an Individual Private Investigator

If you have any questions about licensing, we would be glad to assist you. Give us a call…