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It’s safe to use ZOOM – Just set it up correctly.

In 2019, our office began using Zoom teleconferencing software in our offices to keep in touch with staff and clients. This program has proved remarkable and has saved us a lot of time, both in and out of the office. SECURITY seems to be in the NEWS a lot today about how “Zoom can be […]

WFLA News and Alpha Agency discuss Cheating Spouses

WFLA Ch 8 NEWS reporter Melissa Marino sat down with Wayne Miles, Director of Operations of Alpha Agency to discuss “Cheating Spouses”. Melissa asked a lot of questions and has put together a great segment that aired in Tampa on Feb 9th, 2018. We discussed methods of detection and had several pieces of our undercover […]

We joined the Adopt a highway program!

When you are out and about you may see a new sign on the highway! We are doing our part to give back to the local community that has been so supportive to our growth. We adopted a highway so that it can be kept clean! This program is available through the State Toll Road […]

A word about Private Investigator Licenses.

All Private Investigators in Florida MUST be licensed! Florida requires that an investigator hold a valid C License. In addition to that, ALL investigators must work for an agency who has a valid A License.  Please be aware of this before you contract with anyone who represents themselves as a PI. Ask to see their […]

Short Videos to help promote our business

We have added some videos to our marketing program! We just began using short videos to help promote our business on FaceBook! We will also use selected ones for other purposes. You can see some of the ones we have below. Please send us an e-Mail if you want to comment about any of the […]

Florida Family ripped off by “Fake Investigator”

HOUSTON – Nancy Craig, the mother of 30-year-old Tiffany McAllister said she’ll walk to the ends of the earth to find her missing daughter.  “I thought God sent this man to me to help us,” Craig said. This is a tragic story made worse by a fake investigator As a professional Investigative Agency, we are […]


We support VISTE in Lakeland, Florida

Alpha Agency is pleased to announce that we support our local Viste organization Viste provides support for seniors all over the country and we are proud to be able to assist our local Viste Organization right here in Lakeland, Florida. They provide a wide range of necessary services to our elderly every day. Things like […]

A word about Dash Cams

More and more these days, people are installing Dash Cams in their vehicles. Personally, I think it is a great idea. The popularity started in other countries where they have a lot more fake accidents going on. A common practice is for a person to wave down an approaching vehicle and then as it slows […]