Alpha Agency gives presentation at FALI Meeting in Tampa, Florida

In October, 2016, the Alpha Agency was featured at a dinner meeting of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI).

Alpha Agency FALI PresentationAfter being introduced by the Tampa Chapter President, Wayne Miles, Director of Operations gave a video tour of our office facilities located in Lakeland, FL. There were about twenty five FALI members in attendance.

That was followed up with a detailed presentation that outlined a recent case involving the recovery of over twenty thousand dollars for a client.

The case involved setting up a sting operation to gain the trust of the SUBJECT and set up a situation in which property could be seized to settle the judgement issued by the courts.

Later in the evening, Mr. Miles was presented with a “Membership Plaque” for being a dedicated FALI member for Ten Years!

NOTE: The Florida Association of Licensed Investigators is the largest Private Investigator association in the state and provides continuing education and helps develop regulations and laws that effects the entire profession.