Here is some information that could help you market your business.

Over the years, we have experimented with methods to advertise our business. After all, our industry is not like the average business. We don’t really have repeat business, we can’t send out thank you cards to most of our clients, or give them calendars and such…  Most everything we do is under the radar.  So, marketing is a unique problem for us.

We have found that it is good for us to use Social Media and get in front of as many people as possible. We try to be part of the active community by posting interesting things that happen around town and all that. But we weren’t standing out that much.

Then we stumbled across this…

I was impressed! I went to the site and checked it out.

What I found was a simple way to create a short (13 second) video that I could create in just a few minutes. The videos use quality graphics and each has its own music. (The music can be changed easily if you like.)  All I had to do was add the text into it. The size, color and fonts can be changed also. Kewl!

The end result is…

You get a custom professional video that is the perfect length for Facebook and other Social Media platforms. The videos can even be used on website or in Power Point programs…  These little guys are so easy to use and work so well!

When you purchase your video, you totally own it. It comes in an MP4 format and is yours to keep.

Here is the link to go check this out yourself.   CLICK HERE to visit their site. You will be impressed too!

(If you do like it and want to purchase a video or two, please use the above link as we will get brownie points. Thanks!)